Future Entrepreneur


I enjoy music and being creative. My interests are wide-ranging. I am very interested in drawing, but that interest does not stop at just drawing on paper; it extends to computers. I’ve always had very strong interest in the area of computers. In ninth grade, I built my first gaming computer from scratch by watching Youtube videos.

From graphics to animations, I have a natural aptitude for understanding and have self-taught many software applications. However, I have always been more interested in the creative side of computer use, so I am more interested in digital multi media areas.

Work Experience


Chipotle, Closter, NJ
Jun 2021 – Present

10 Hrs/Week: Prepare food, working at any station – grill, cashier, prep, salsa and expo. Helping and serving others (both customers and team members) and communicate with customers as well as fulfill online orders.

Demarest Farm, Hillsdale, NJ

May 2020 – Jun 2021

8 Hrs/Week: Duties includes maintenance and custodial duties such as trash re-moval and facility cleaning


Extracurricular Activities


Winter Track
Dec 2019 – Jan 2020
10 Hrs/Week

Investment Club
Oct 2019 – Present
1 Hrs/Week:
We meet to learn about smartly investing money and participate in a game where we get fake money and put it into the stock market to see who gets the most returns.

Robotics (Animation Team)
Nov 2018 – Feb 2020
24 Hrs/Week:
Co-leader of animation

Tae Kwon Do
Oct 2010 – Oct 2019

Grade 1-10
4 Hrs/Week:
Second degree Black Belt

Current Hobbies

  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Piano

Volunteer Works

  • Mini Concerts at Senior Homes
  • Living Hope Church Praise Team
  • LHC Summer & Winter Treat TA 
  • Community Food Bank of NJ
  • Feed My Hungry Children
  • TKD demonstrations at towns & schools

Sample Artworks from Grade 1-6